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Launch Vehicle Test and Qualification Approaches- Regulatory Development Study

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

UK Launch Services (UKLSL) was entrusted with a significant contract by the UK Space Agency to conduct a comprehensive study aimed at informing the regulatory requirements for testing and verification of Launch Systems and Vehicles in the UK. The objective was to ensure that the UK regulations align with global best practices while considering the unique characteristics of both commercial development projects and institutional launcher development programs.

To achieve this, UKLSL embarked on an extensive review of the standards and approaches employed in the global launch industry. This encompassed a critical examination of the existing standards and approaches, taking into account both commercial and institutional contexts. Furthermore, UKLSL considered the practices employed by equivalent or similar sectors and industries to identify relevant insights and potential transferable knowledge.

Based on the thorough review, UKLSL evaluated the applicability of these standards and approaches to the specific systems and developments expected to be part of the UK's launch program. Drawing on their expertise and industry knowledge, UKLSL formulated comprehensive recommendations concerning the standards and approaches that should be prescribed, recommended, or incorporated into the UK regulations.

The resulting recommendations served as a crucial foundation for shaping the regulatory framework for testing and verification of Launch Systems and Vehicles in the UK. By aligning with global best practices and considering relevant insights from other sectors, UKLSL's study ensured that the UK regulations would be robust, effective, and aligned with international standards.

Through their diligent research and analysis, UK Launch Services made significant contributions to the development of a comprehensive and forward-thinking regulatory framework that promotes safety, efficiency, and innovation within the UK's launch industry.

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