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Planet Earth Photographed from space.

Capabilities and Offerings

We understand that spaceflight is a complex and challenging endeavour, and we are here to help our customers every step of the way.  Drawing from decades of combined experience from satellite manufacturing, to launch vehicle development, we offer a complete system approach to developing our client’s needs. UK Launch Services has an unparalleled knowledge of the entire launch service value chain and continues to build on this knowledge through our work. Our wide range of services, includes supply chain development, launch service design, system integration, launch operation support, mission definition development and more.

Our offerings and capabilities span the entire launch, space mission and service lifecycle


Spaceflight 101

Our industry experts have extensive experience in the space industry.

Economics of Launch

Supply Chain Development

Regulatory Studies

UKLSL was awarded a number of Regulatory Development Studies by the UK Space Agency to aid in the development of the UK’s      Spaceflight Regulations.  

Business Case

Using our experience, we build successful business cases for our clients. We have won over £50M in public investment. 

Regulation Regime Development

We are experts in regulations and licensing

and contributed to regulatory development studies undertaken for the UKSA and CAA. 

Market Survey




Decommission / Next Generation

System Integration

UK Launch Services understand all elements of a launch service and use this knowledge to enable potential launch sites, spaceports and launch service to create a commercially attractive launch service business and operations model.

Risk Analysis Systems

UK Launch Services Ltd work with risk and safety experts to lead or assist with any spaceflight-related safety aspects, including performing ground and flight safety analysis.  

Management Support

Spaceport Design

Spaceport Design Assessment

Regulation Post Implementation Review

Launch Service Design

Construction Oversight Support

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Studies

Operations Design

UKLSL was awarded a number of Regulatory Development Studies by the UK Space Agency to aid in the development of the UK’s      Spaceflight Regulations.  

Business Case

Operation Support

Licensing and Statutory Support

UK Launch Services are knowledgeable of global spaceflight regulations, and their implications on the design and operations of spaceflight services.

Market Survey

Government Intervention/
Grant Support


Our team are members of the BSI Committee ACE/68 - Space systems and operation

End-to-End Support

We have undertaken and continue to deliver projects supporting the development of spaceports globally.


We can provide short study type projects or longer developmental projects spanning several years tailored to our clients specific needs.

Rocket launch Image by Bill Jelen
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