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Planet Earth Photographed from space.

How we Support Orbital Licensing

Our Experienced Team

With decades of experience in space mission engineering and operations, spanning from concept to post-mission disposal, UKLSL is your trusted partner.

Our expertise covers UK and international spaceflight regulations, and we excel in leading license applications. We specialize in assisting organizations facing challenges and delays in their applications.

We interpret regulations for your programs and missions, minimising risks by seamlessly integrating licensing into your business, program, and mission plans. Our systematic, proactive approach mitigates potential licensing delays. Count on UKLSL for comprehensive support throughout the licensing journey.

Our Licensing Services Include:

Mission-Specific Concerns

We identify unique technical aspects of your mission that may concern regulators. Our experience helps us suggest solutions that align with regulatory expectations.

Accurate Documentation

We create precise technical responses, submission documents, and supporting materials in line with UK and international spaceflight regulations.

Efficient Process

We define required technical information early, minimizing back-and-forth with regulators, and ensuring a smooth and swift process.

End-to-End Guidance

Our comprehensive advisory service guides you from information generation to license approval, streamlining the entire journey.

Image by NASA

CAA Question Set

Drawing from our experience, we are equipped to fulfil the CAA question set, aligning responses with both CAA expectations and the foundational principles of risk management and ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable).

Regulatory Requirements

We provide guidance on incorporating specific regulatory requirements into both the mission and satellite design.

Safe Operations Provisions

We are capable of assisting you in establishing the necessary safety provisions, particularly pertaining to Conjunction Assessment and Risk Analysis (CARA), ensuring secure operations.

Tailored Work Packages

Clients possess the flexibility to selectively opt for the aid they deem necessary, based on their internal proficiency, familiarity, as well as prevailing partner responsibilities and agreements.

Image by NASA

Month 1

Initial License Scope Definition

  1. Formulating the Framework for the License Application

  2. Conducting Evaluations of Mission, Program, and Organizational Alignment with Regulatory Requirements and CAA Technical Question Set. This evaluation aims to identify potential areas of challenge, determine focal points requiring significant attention and effort, and shape the project timeline accordingly.

  3. Providing Insights and Proposals for optimizing program inputs to ensure a seamless pathway towards license preparation and approval.

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