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How we Support Orbital Licencing 

Our Capabilities

UKLSL have decades of experience in space mission engineering and operations, covering the full lifecycle from concept to post-mission disposal.

Fully familiar with UK and international spaceflight regulations, we have led a number of licence applications and provide specific assistance to organisations experiencing issues and delays with their licence applications.


We apply our technical expertise to advise clients on what the regulations mean for their individual programmes and missions. We de-risk the licencing process by ensuring that it is integrated into our clients overall business, programme and mission plans. We apply a systematic, structured, and proactive approach to the licencing process, mitigating licensing-related delays.

As part of this licencing service, we can:


  • Identify mission-specific technical characteristics which are likely to present raise regulator concern and subsequently require the most effort to successfully achieve acceptance. We can leverage our mission and programme experience to suggest alternative solutions which are likely to be more easily accepted by the regulator.

  • Frame technical responses, licence submission documents and supporting information following the underpinning principles of UK and international spaceflight regulations to reflect what the regulator requires and expects.

  • Shape and scope the required technical information early in the licensing process to minimise extended Q&A and clarification exchanges with the regulator.

Apply all the above to provide an end-to-end technical advisory service to de-risk and streamline the licencing process for the client and help navigate them through the application from generating information to granting the licences.


Our Services

Image by NASA

CAA Question Set

We can complete the CAA question set using our experience to ensure answers are in line with CAA expectations and underpinning principles of risk management and ALARP.

Regulatory Requirements

We advise on specific regulatory requirements which may need to be incorporated within the mission and satellite design.

Safe Operations Provisions

We can help you establish the required safe provisions for safe operation specifically related to the Conjunction Assessment and Risk Analysis (CARA).

Taylored Work Packages

Clients have the option to “pick and choose” the assistance they require, depending on their individual in-house expertise and experience, and existing partner roles and agreements.

Image by NASA

Month 1

Initial Licence Scoping

Building the Structure of the Licence Application


Mission, Programme and Organisational Assessment against regulatory requirements and CAA Technical Question set, to establish likely challenging areas and those likely to need most attention and effort, and drive overall schedule


Suggestions and Recommendations for programme inputs to result in the smoothest route to licence preparation and acceptance

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