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UK Launch Commercial Range Studies

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

UK Launch Services Limited (UKLSL) actively participated in two groundbreaking projects, in collaboration with Deimos Space and Heliaq, which were generously funded by the UK Space Agency. The main objective of these projects was to thoroughly explore the various options available for Range Control Services necessary to facilitate and support launch operations from the UK.

Both projects extensively delved into technical and commercial aspects, aiming to generate innovative technical solutions while ensuring thorough commercial analysis and developing viable business models. The outcomes derived from these projects hold significant importance as they provide valuable insights to shape future policies and make informed decisions regarding the comprehensive range of services needed to facilitate the UK launch program. Moreover, these projects have also spurred the development of offerings by various organizations involved in the space industry.

The collaboration between UKLSL, Deimos Space , and Heliaq has been instrumental in advancing the understanding of range control services and their implications within the context of the UK launch program. The knowledge gained from these projects will contribute to the growth and success of the UK space industry as it continues to evolve and expand its capabilities.

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