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Planet Earth Photographed from space.

About Us

How It All Started

UK Launch Services Ltd is a leading provider of specialised spaceflight solutions offering scalable services for companies of all sizes. Today we offer smart, innovative services to clients worldwide.


UKLSL was founded by two space sector experts with over 50 years of combined experience in the satellite and launch industry, including board-level roles in major space companies. We have end-to-end experience in space missions, both institutional and commercial as customers, suppliers, and advisors to the insurance industry. Our backgrounds stem from the small satellite and launch industries, orbital and suborbital.


UKLSL was created due to the desire of the founders to apply their knowledge, expertise and experience to help the UK achieve its goal of establishing sovereign launch services and capabilities after that objective was stated at the first UK Space Conference in 2011.


The early studies into the technical and commercial feasibility of launch from the UK, undertaken and led by the founders of UKLSL, formed the basis of the services we now offer.


Since 2017 UKLSL have specialised in assisting states to establish launch capabilities and enabling potential launch sites, spaceports and launch service providers to create commercially attractive launch service business and operational models.


The founders of UKLSL helped develop the initial business case for the UK commercial spaceflight programme, which has since received over £50M in public investment and supported preliminary regulatory development with the UK's Civil Aviation Authority.


Our History


Launching Ambitions 
The Minister for Universities and Science, David Willetts, announces the ambitious UK Launch Programme at the inaugural UK Space Conference. This landmark announcement sets the stage for a transformative era in the UK's space endeavours.


Crafting the Vision 
Our founders, Andy and Adam lead a study, "Towards a UK Launch Infrastructure," answering the "Space CITI" call for the UKSA. This study created a blueprint for a multifunctional spaceport accommodating both vertical and horizontal launches. 


Charting New Territories 
Andy departs SSTL to explore the UK's potential as a launch state for Firefly Aerospace, a decision that would set the course for the birth of UKLSL.


The Sutherland Site Unveiled

Andy takes his first steps onto the Sutherland site, marking an important moment in the journey towards actualising the envisioned spaceport infrastructure.


SCEPTRE and Birth of UKLSL 
Part of a consortium, we complete the "SCEPTRE" study, identifying prospective vertical launch sites and highlighting crucial gaps in supply chains in the UK. Simultaneously, the UK Launch Programme gains momentum
and UKLSL is founded to support it.


Triumph for UKLSL 
UKLSL secures a role in developing the Sutherland launch site, the only project out of 26 projects and 9 potential sites to win this initial funding from the UK Launch Programme competition.


Pioneering Innovation 
UKLSL develops the Machrihanish Spaceport Cluster Master plan for today's cutting-edge R&D hub in Scotland's west coast.


Expanding Horizons 
UKLSL is contracted to support the establishment of viable horizontal small satellite launch services at Glasgow Prestwick Airport, underscoring its commitment to diversified launch capabilities.


Pioneering Innovation 
Remaining steadfast in our commitment to the development of the space industry, UKLSL actively works on projects which underpin the regulatory landscape and aid businesses in launch service development.


Advocating for Space 
UKLSL's expertise is acknowledged through active participation and leadership in critical industry groups, such as The Spaceflight Safety and Regulatory Council and as vice chair of the UK Space Launch Committee. Highlighting our dedication to advancing space accessibility and safety. 


Facilitating Growth Worldwide
UKLSL achieves a significant milestone, securing a major international contract to design a spaceport in Oman, amplifying our global reach and influence beyond national borders.  

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