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Licensing Tool Development- UKSA

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

At the end of 2022, UK Launch Services Limited (UKLSL) successfully secured a grant to develop a cutting-edge licensing tool, aimed at streamlining the process of applying for spaceflight licenses from the UK Civil Aviation Authority under the 2021 Space Industry Regulations (SIR). The primary objective of this project was to significantly reduce the time and costs associated with preparing and maintaining a license application for any organization interested in obtaining a license. This innovative tool will prove invaluable for organizations looking to operate launch systems from UK spaceports, including satellite operators seeking to launch or operate satellites from the UK.

Having completed the research and development phase of the project, UKLSL is now dedicated to refining the tool further to transform it into a final product. The company plans to launch this service to the public in the summer of 2023, empowering organizations to easily navigate the licensing process and expedite their operations.

In addition to the licensing tool, UKLSL presently offers a range of services to lead or assist spaceflight businesses with their SIR license applications. Their comprehensive technical advisory service provides end-to-end support to clients, minimizing risks and streamlining the licensing process. UKLSL's experienced team is well-equipped to guide organizations through the complexities of the application, ensuring a smooth and successful licensing journey.

For those in need of assistance with their license application, please feel free to reach out to UKLSL via email at


You can read about the project here.


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