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Licensing Tool Development- UKSA

Updated: Apr 21

At the end of 2022, UK Launch Services Limited secured a grant to develop a licensing tool to streamline the process of applying for spaceflight licences from the UK Civil Aviation Authority under the 2021 Space Industry Regulations (SIR).

The project aimed to reduce the time and costs associated with preparing and maintaining a licence application for any organisation wishing to apply for a license. This will be a useful tool for organisations wishing to operate launch systems from UK spaceports including satellite operators wishing to launch or operate satellites from the UK.

With this R&D project complete, UKLSL will continue to refine the tool to a final product. UKLSL plan to roll out this service in the summer of 2023.

UKLSL (UK Launch Services Ltd) currently offer services to lead or assist spaceflight business’ SIR licence applications, providing an end-to-end technical advisory service to de-risk and streamline the licencing process for the client and help navigate them through the application.

If you need assistance with your licence application, please email


Congratulation to the other grant recipients: Rocket Engineering, Discover Space UK, Space Prime, European Astrotech, SmallSpark Space Systems, Lúnasa, Magdrive, Shetland Space Centre, HyImpulse, Gravitilab Aerospace Service Ltd, AltaRange Ltd and TISICS Metal Composites.

You can read about the project here.

Lift-off for new launch technology with UK Space Agency funding - GOV.UK (


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