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Updated: Aug 9, 2023

UK Launch Services (UKLSL) conducted an in-depth study commissioned by the UK Space Agency to evaluate and comprehend the prospective export demand and opportunities for products, services, and capabilities that could be fostered within the UK while establishing a robust launch industry and its associated supply chain.

The study necessitated a comprehensive understanding of the entire launch value chain, an area of expertise for UKLSL. It also involved a thorough assessment of the commercial aspects within the launch industry. One crucial aspect of the study was to identify potential opportunities for UK companies to develop offerings that would be highly appealing to global developers and operators of launch systems and services.

UKLSL's expertise and insights proved invaluable in gaining a holistic perspective of the launch industry and its commercial landscape. The study aimed to uncover the untapped potential within the UK, enabling local companies to capitalize on the emerging market and contribute to the global space industry.

By identifying attractive offerings and highlighting opportunities, UKLSL's study played a vital role in guiding UK companies towards developing competitive products, services, and capabilities that meet the needs of international launch system developers and operators. This study serves as a cornerstone for fostering growth, innovation, and international collaboration within the UK launch industry.

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