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Machrihanish Spaceport Cluster Plan

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

UK Launch Services Ltd (UKLSL) spearheaded a groundbreaking project aimed at establishing a comprehensive plan for the Machrihanish Airbase Community Company (MACC) to transform a decommissioned airbase into a fully functional spaceport. The primary objective was to create an economically and environmentally sustainable cluster of spaceflight-related businesses that would bring both economic growth and social prosperity to the local community and the wider region.

The concept developed by UKLSL encompassed various elements, including:

  1. Future orbital launch and return services.

  2. Vertical rocket launches reaching altitudes of 10km or higher.

  3. Parabolic flight capabilities.

  4. High altitude platforms.

  5. Training programs and events.

Leading the project, UKLSL took charge of engaging with stakeholders at every stage, ensuring a shared vision and collaborative approach throughout the planning process.

Throughout their involvement in the project, UKLSL successfully delivered the following key outcomes:

  1. A full business case compliant with HMRC Green Book standards.

  2. A meticulously costed master plan outlining the transformation of specific areas within the brownfield site to accommodate spaceflight services.

  3. A comprehensive cost-benefit analysis.

  4. A thorough market study that engaged nearly 200 companies from the UK, along with a series of focus groups.

  5. An environment and sustainability roadmap, including environmental risk and opportunities, register a sustainability strategy, a stakeholder engagement plan, a socio-economic report, and an environmental management plan.

  6. Promotional materials and a captivating marketing video to showcase the potential and benefits of the spaceport.

The combined efforts of UKLSL and its stakeholders have laid the foundation for the realization of a thriving spaceport at the Machrihanish Airbase. The project's deliverables provide a robust framework for sustainable development, attracting businesses, generating economic opportunities, and positioning the local community and region at the forefront of the evolving space industry.

Further Information on Spaceport Machrihanish can be found here:

University Team from Mach-21, DSUK's Annual Rocket Competition
University Team from Mach-21, DSUK's Annual Rocket Competition

Machrihanish Runway
Machrihanish Runway

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