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Machrihanish Spaceport Cluster Plan

UK Launch Services Ltd led a project to establish a plan for the Machrihanish Airbase Community Company (MACC) to develop the decommissioned airbase into a functional spaceport. The objective was to develop an economically and environmentally sustainable cluster of spaceflight-related businesses that bring economic and social prosperity to the local community and region.

The developed concept includes:

UKLSL led the project, engaging with stakeholders and ensuring a shared vision throughout.

During our time on the project we were able to deliver the following:

  • HMRC Green Book compliant full business case.

  • A costed master plan to transform areas of the brownfield site to support spaceflight services.

  • Cost-benefit analysis.

  • Market study with the participation of almost 200 UK companies and a series of focus groups.

  • Environment & sustainability roadmap, including environmental risk and opportunities register, sustainability strategy, stakeholder engagement plan, socio-economic report and environmental management plan.

  • Promotional material and marketing video.

Further Information on Spaceport Machrihanish can be found here:


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