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Updated: Aug 14, 2023

UK Launch Services (UKLSL) actively participated in a consortium led by Deimos Portugal that conducted a comprehensive assessment of the Azores Islands' suitability to facilitate the operation of small and micro launch systems. Within this consortium, UKLSL played a pivotal role in several key areas.

One of UKLSL's primary responsibilities was to perform a meticulous market analysis. This analysis aimed to identify potential customers and target markets that would utilize a launch service operating from the Azores. By understanding the demand and requirements of prospective customers, UKLSL contributed to shaping the strategic approach for the launch site.

Additionally, UKLSL focused on developing commercial analysis and operating models specifically tailored to the launch site. This involved evaluating the necessary services and facilities needed to support the planned launch services. The commercial analysis conducted by UKLSL encompassed a comprehensive assessment of all operational costs, ensuring the feasibility and viability of the project.

It's worth noting that the commercial analysis drew upon models and approaches that were initially developed during the execution of the "SCEPTRE" UK launch feasibility study. The founders of UKLSL had undertaken this study prior to establishing the company, and the insights gained from that study formed the foundation for the subsequent analysis conducted as part of the consortium.

Through their involvement in the consortium, UKLSL leveraged their expertise and insights to assess the market potential, define operating models, and ensure the commercial viability of the launch site on the Azores Islands. Their contributions significantly informed the overall feasibility and strategic direction of the project.

Read more about the project on Demios and ESA

Azores Island study for launch site
Azores Island study for launch site.

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