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Enabling cost effective space launch services

UKLSL have developed a new tool in support of the UK’s ambitions to establish itself as a launching state and to establish sustainable, commercial launch operations and services. Economic growth and the emergence and growth of a UK launch industry and supply chain, which is capable of serving the global launch industry (and not just the UK’s), is a vital consideration.


Following this, we have developed the Ultimate database to identify the market potential for UK developed launch systems and service related technologies, products and services and understand global demand for launch systems technologies, components, subsystems and related services. 

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Through market research into the space industry and a detailed component breakdown of each launch vehicle, Ultimate is able  to give a deep insight into supply chain opportunities within the global launch industry. 

For more information, please get in touch with the team. By providing us with information about your companies needs, we can support you by producing an overview of the markets of interest, with a contextual analysis of the supply chain opportunities and assist you in achieving them.