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Commercial Range

Commercial range

The UKLSL consortium was selected by the UKSA to perform a concept design for range control services and develop it through to a costed business model in order to determine the commercial viability. The consortium was tasked to do this using Space Hub Sutherland in northern Scotland and Cornwall Spaceport in south-west England as launch locations, accounting for both vertical and horizontal launch services. UKLSL delivered: 

  • Requirements definition based on the Space Industry Act 2018. 

  • External interfaces system architecture and review of top-level systems design. 

  • A concept of operations for a commercially focussed RCSP supporting vertical launch and/or horizontal launch, from mission planning through to launch campaign completion. 

  • Cost modelling based on industry benchmarks and proprietary knowledge. 

  • Development of the business case for a commercial RCSP operating within the UK based on Net Present Value. 

  • Identification of a timeline for the design, development, procurement, verification & validation of the service.


The solution is in-line with ALARP requirements, whilst ensuring a lower cost approach than traditional range services. Utilisation of existing infrastructure and third-party capabilities where possible helps reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Modern technologies can be employed to reduce operational costs, alongside the more traditional infrastructure elements that ensure a largely proven system that can receive regulatory approval within an 18-month timeframe. 

Outcome & Benefits: 

UKLSL, with its project partners, has developed the model for an RCSP that: 


  • Can meet the requirements of the Space Industry Act 2018 and future requirements anticipated to be evolved. 

  • Provides a lower TCO and operational cost than traditional range services. 

  • Documents the outline procedures for the operation of the range throughout the launch campaign. 

  • Provides a costed model upon which to make an investment decision. 

  • Incorporates ALARP principles through a combination of traditional and modern approaches to provide a robust and low cost system. 

  • Can support the requirements of either a vertical or horizontal launch service.