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Machrihanish Spaceport Cluster

Machrihanish Spaceport Cluster

Machrihanish Airbase Community Company (MACC) has owned and controlled the local airbase since March 2008 following the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) decision to formally close and dispose of the site. The local population has seen continued decline over a number of years, with a significant drop within the younger working age group and a relative increase in the ageing population. Therefore there is a strong desire to bring jobs, particularly high skilled, and opportunities for young people to the area. 

UKLSL’s vision is for a Machrihanish Spaceport Cluster that provides unique space access services outside of traditional orbital launch in order to complete the UK’s national spaceflight infrastructure. The Machrihanish Spaceport Cluster mission is to establish an economically and environmentally sustainable cluster of spaceflight related businesses that bring economic and social prosperity to the local community and region. The developed concept includes: 

  • Future orbital launch & return services. 

  • Vertical rocket launch to 10km+. 

  • Parabolic flight. 

  • High Altitude Platforms. 

  • Testing and R&D. 

  • Training & Events. 

The solution is in-line with the three critical success factors defined based by UKLSL based on local and regional objectives: 

  • Ensure long term sustainability through delivery of measurable benefits to 2050. 

  • Create direct and indirect employment opportunities for the local and regional population. 

  • Increase the number of academic and industrial opportunities in STEM subjects locally and regionally. 

UKLSL is now supporting MACC in the development phase to realise the vision of a sustainable spaceflight services from Machrihanish airbase.