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Mach-21 CanSat Competition and Space Careers Conference

Mach-21 CanSat Competition and Space Careers Conference was delivered through a joint venture between UKLSL and the Machrihanish Airbase Community Company (MACC). The event saw 11 university teams spanning 10 UK universities take part and build a CanSat - a satellite within the dimensions of a soft drinks can. 

University students were given the opportunity to build a CanSat of two sizes: A Peake CanSat, required to measure temperature, air pressure and altitude, and a Sharman CanSat, more open to innovations and allowing more creativity in the scientific design of the CanSat mission.

The event took place from the 14th - 16th July at Machrihanish Airbase, a future UK spaceport location, one of the 7 identified by the UK Space Agency as part of the LaunchUK programme.

A gallery of some of the launches can be seen below:

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The final day of the event was a space careers conference to inform students about careers in the UK Space Industry. This included speakers from the UK Space Agency, UKLSL, Northern Space Consortium, ST Engineering / iDirect, UKSEDS, Asteria Satellites, Leonardo, Fistral Training & Consultancy Ltd, AAC Clyde Space, Spire Global, Craft Prospect and the New Voices Group from the Scottish Space Leadership Council.

We're happy to be able to announce that the event will be going ahead next year in collaboration with UKSEDS. Mach-22 will focus on student rocketry, as well as CanSats, with updates posted at - watch this space!