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Enabling cost effective space launch services

Designing and delivering sustainable spaceport operations for the commercial space age

UK Launch Services (UKLSL) was founded in 2017 to address gaps in the capabilities and offerings in commercial launch programmes in the UK, Europe and emerging launch states internationally.  

With decades of collective experience of working across the entire launch service value chain, UKLSL is a recognised space sector specialist with a focus of assisting states looking to establish native launch capabilities, and enabling potential launch sites, spaceports and launch service providers to create commercially attractive launch service business and operational models. 

Our unique selling points include:


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UKLSL has a unique knowledge of the complete launch service value chain.  


Drawing from decades of combined experience from satellite manufacturing, to launch vehicle development we offer a complete system approach to developing your launch service.  


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As an independent company, UKLSL offer completely impartial consultancy for any launch state, site or service.


UKLSL is committed to delivering services tailored to your launch service programme.  


The Future

UKLSL are working with spaceport developers in the UK and internationally. Our services have been used by the majority of potential spaceport in the UK.  

UKLSL have been key consultants to UK and International governments enabling the creation of commercially sustainable space launch industries.  

Meet the UKLSL team:


Victoria Montag
General Manager &
Senior Project Engineer


Daniel Innes
Senior Project Engineer

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Liam Graham
Assistant Project Engineer


Megan Elliot
Assistant Project Engineer

Andy B

Andy Bradford

Director & Co-Founder