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Spacecraft in Orbit

Welcome to UK Launch Services Ltd

  • Independent and impartial expertise covering all elements of launch service. 

  • Unique expertise in the full launch service lifecycle, from customer and supplier, experienced viewpoints.

  • Agile, flexible, and able to provide offerings tailored to specific client needs.

  • Global commercial focus.

Our Core Values

Spacecraft Scientist


Drawing from decades of combined experience from satellite manufacturing, to launch vehicle development we offer a complete system approach to developing your launch service.  ​

UK Launch Services Ltd has an unparalleled knowledge of the entire launch service value chain and continues to build on this knowledge through our work.


Having been integral to the early stages of the development of the UK’s launch programme, including feasibility studies in the early 2010s; UK Launch Services Ltd is well known and respected in the launch industry and community.


UK Launch Services Ltd have been a key consultant to governments enabling the creation of commercially sustainable space launch industries globally.


As an independent company UK Launch Services Ltd offer completely impartial consultancy for any launch state, site or service.

We are committed to delivering services tailored to your launch service programme.

Clients and Partners

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