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Spacecraft in Orbit

Welcome to
UK Launch Services Ltd

  • Independent and impartial expertise covering all elements of launch service. 

  • Unique expertise in the full launch service lifecycle, from customer and supplier, experienced viewpoints.

  • Agile, flexible, and able to provide offerings tailored to specific client needs.

  • Global commercial focus.

Our Core Values

Spacecraft Scientist


UK Launch Services Limited possesses an unmatched understanding of the entire launch service value chain, continually building on this expertise through our work. Our foundation is built upon decades of collective experience in satellite manufacturing, and launch vehicle development, allowing us to provide a complete system approach to space industry development.


UK Launch Services Limited have worked across the globe developing launch programmes and using their expertise to support the creation of a commercially sustainable space launch industry. In the UK we have played an integral role in the development of the UK Launch programme including the initial feasibility study in the early 2010’s. Since then, we have continued to work with the UK Space Agency, local and international governments, insurers, law firms, spaceports, launch service providers, orbital operators, and other consultants making us a well-known and respected member of the space community. 


Our vision is to use our knowledge and innovations to create a successful and sustainable global space industry. To do this we provide completely impartial advice and support devoid of any commercial bias.

Clients and Partners

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